Vehicle Tracking

If you have suspicions or serious concerns about business or marital partners, a breach of faith or a contractual agreement, the only way to find evidence may be through surveillance.

This can be a long and expensive process. However, fitting a GPS tracker to suspects’ vehicles enables us to monitor and record their movements and the locations they use. It lessens the need for human observation and helps to reduce client costs.

GPS vehicle tracking is a precise and valuable tool in many areas of surveillance. Once fitted, a vehicle can be located and monitored in real and recorded time to an accuracy of less than five metres. We can provide clients with access to a panel on their smartphones, computers or tablets, which allows them to monitor tracked vehicle movements themselves.

A tracking demonstration is available free of charge. Please call us on 01223 979206

In addition to vehicle tracking, we can surround any location with an invisible, electronic Geo-fence. This alerts any nominated device when someone enters or leaves that location. As any movement can be downloaded later, there is no need to keep a constant lookout, which again reduces costs.

vehicle tracking panel used by investigators