Surveillance is the detailed observation and following of people and situations while avoiding detection. We have over thirty years’ experience in investigating circumstance where close or remote surveillance is required, from infidelity to breaches of private and corporate trust. Whatever your surveillance needs, we will keep you informed throughout. You can access us at any time, seven days a week, and you can stop any enquiry whenever you wish.

Our clients for surveillance services include private individuals, solicitors, insurance companies and commercial organisations. Our investigators use the latest equipment and will stay undetected throughout your enquiry.

Surveillance is used mainly for personal enquiries such as infidelity or confirming illicit cohabitation. Corporate commissions include cases where dishonest claims are suspected for personal injuries, statutory sick pay, or breaches of agreements regarding garden leave.

Some situations may require a combination of different types of surveillance, including –

Static Surveillance
Uses available premises, natural cover or a suitably modified vehicle to observe and record events at a property or location. In avoiding detection where cover is minimal, an observer may need the back-up of a remotely positioned surveillance team.

Mobile Surveillance
To avoid raising suspicion, where a subject needs to be followed on foot or by road, this usually requires a small team of observers and more than one vehicle.

Progressive Surveillance
As in major security organisations, this system is used to follow those who are likely to suspect that they are under surveillance. It takes place in stages over whatever time is necessary, as they are followed a little further each day until their operational base can be identified. Progressive surveillance is rarely needed where infidelity is suspected as they tend to follow a pattern of behaviour which is easier to observe, and reduces costs.

Technical Surveillance
Using GPS vehicle tracking technology enables us to monitor and record vehicle movements remotely. This enables us to collect information before we need to employ any physical surveillance. Being able to establish a person’s regular routes helps us to avoid detection while tracking their movements and identifying the premises and locations they use.

Counter Measures
Cambridge is home to many leading scientific and commercial companies with valuable research material, processes, patents and intellectual property. For all of them, security is a crucial. If a bug or other type of covert spying device has been installed with malicious or illegal intent in their car, their office, factory or even their home, it is essential to find and remove it. We work in collaboration with one of the UK’s most experienced counter surveillance investigators and are happy to quote for search, detection and removal.