Process Serving

If you require County Court or High Court papers to be served personally or delivered by some other legally recognized means, depending on the nature of the document, please contact us for a written quote on Cambridge 01223 979206. We have long and extensive experience of process serving.

Our work covers Cambridge and the eastern counties. We are happy to take instructions over the ‘phone or by email, and will serve any legal papers in compliance with the precise requirements of the Rules of Service. These are set down in the Ministry of Justice’s rules and practice directions governing the service of documents. Strict adherence to these directives is essential. The range of court papers includes –

  • Family proceedings and non-molestation orders,
  • Injunctions, legal claims and statutory demands
  • Examination and charging orders
  • Winding up, bankruptcy and divorce petitions
  • Witness and judgment summonses

Once the papers have been served, we will provide you with a detailed report confirming that they have been served in compliance with court procedure. You will also be provided with a statement, certificate or sworn affidavit to that effect, which we can prepare on your behalf.