Infidelity within a marriage or partnership is surprisingly commonplace. Clients often have suspicions that their wife, husband or partner is having an illicit relationship, but cannot be sure. With clear proof one way or the other, they will have peace of mind or know what alternative action they should take.

As specialists in helping clients resolve such difficult and sensitive issues, we have the ability and techniques to determine if their suspicions are well-founded, and provide clear evidence.

As a service and not a sales organisation, our objective is to help clients who have genuine and serious concerns about the integrity of their relationships. For this reason we can give clients our unqualified assurance that we will never subject them to unwanted pressure, or initiate contact without their full agreement.

It is very likely that you will need our services on only one occasion. You may be worried that commissioning an investigation may seem a radical step. Given our long experience, we understand the emotional and practical difficulties of such situations and will tell you immediately if we can help you with your enquiry. We will also provide you with a realistic assessment of the likely outcome of our proposed investigation, its cost and duration.

A note on infidelity in Cambridge

We are frequently asked by clients in the eastern counties and in London to investigate the movements of their partners. Infidelity and extra-marital affairs are surprisingly common. Our discreet surveillance methods can either confirm or refute their suspicions so that they can then consider what steps may be necessary to re-build or terminate a relationship.

Research in the US indicates that one or both partners in over forty per cent of marriages admit to some form of infidelity. Despite this, thirty per cent of such marriages survive intact.

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The 2011 census gives the population of Cambridge as 123,867, including 24,488 students though, in the febrile atmosphere of a wealthy, highly successful university town, their involvement cannot be discounted. Typically half the population is married or in a civil partnership. Excluding students indicates around 25,000 couples. Based on that research, as many as 10,000 of these may well be, or have been involved, in an illicit relationship. For Cambridgeshire, with 840,000 inhabitants, the figure may be in excess of 80,000.

Clearly, if you have suspicions about your partner, your situation is not at all unique. Our task is to help you to determine the facts. With our long experience and knowledge of the region, we are ideally situated to investigate suspected infidelity in a cost-effective manner.

Using the latest visual and technical equipment we are generally able to identify those who are being unfaithful. Once surveillance is complete, we will produce time and date stamped photos to corroborate the results of our investigation.