If you are involved in a situation which requires investigation, please call us in confidence on Cambridge 01223 979206 for an informal discussion. An outline of your circumstances should be enough for us to give you initial advice and suggest various options. This will help us both to decide how and whether we can help, and the best way forward. Please take as much time as you need to consider what we have discussed before you make your decision.

As you would expect, we regard confidentiality as crucial. We will wait for you to let us know if you wish to proceed. We will never call you back as it is entirely your decision,

If you believe that we can help you and decide to go ahead, we will send you a free, fixed quote by email, with no obligation. If you accept the quote, we require it to be paid so that we can begin the investigation.


There are no charges in addition to our original quote, unless you inform us during an investigation that your requirements have changed. If so, a revised agreement will be emailed to you for payment so that we can continue.

We will then ask you to provide details of whose behaviour you wish us to investigate and when you would like us to start. Once briefed, we shall be able to carry out the investigation. You will be able to contact us during and after our enquiries by mobile phone, email, SMS, or whatever form of communication protects your confidentiality and all aspects of our investigation.

When the investigation has been completed, we will provide you with a full written report together with time and date stamped photographs and any additional evidence. To ensure that discretion and privacy are maintained, we will not contact you again unless you call us or instruct us further.